Our laboratory focuses on basic and translational NK cell biology, as well as lymphoma genomics.

Basic NK Cell Biology

Natural killer (NK) cells are innate immune lymphocytes that are important for defense against infection, which also mediate anti-tumor responses.  Projects will  advance our fundamental knowledge of how NK cells develop, mature, and function.  This studies will provide insight into how NK cells may play role in thwarting both infectious disease and malignant transformation.

Translational NK Cell Research

Translational research integrates the basic and clinical science arenas.  Here, we take new basic findings in NK cell biology and apply them in pre-clinical or clinical studies.  Alternatively, we investigate NK cell numbers, phenotype, and function in correlative studies from patients being treated on clinical trials.

Lymphoma Genomics

Lymphoma is a cancer of immune lymphocytes, most commonly B cells.  We collaborate with the Washington University lymphoma clinical team and The Genome Institute at Washington University to use next-generation sequencing to identify novel mutations in lymphoma patients, and correlate these mutations with clinical outcomes.